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Electric reach truck with regenerative braking system long working time wholesale price

Date: 2024-03-15 View:

 Electric reach truck with regenerative braking
system long working time wholesale price

Operation precautions

►Special attention should be paid to the timely charging of the battery
and the correct maintenance of the battery in the use of
the forward lift truck.

►When charging the battery, pay attention to the method,
which should not only make the battery fully charged,
but also cause the battery to overcharge.

►In the operation of the forward forklift, try to minimize
the use of long distance acceleration.

♦When the vehicle starts and the speed increases, hold the accelerator
pedal steady. If the road conditions are good, the vehicle will
continue to accelerate.

♦When the vehicle needs to slow down, relax the accelerator pedal
and gently step the brake pedal, so that the deceleration
energy can be fully utilized.

►FLIFT's regenerative braking function allows kinetic energy
to be recovered during deceleration.

♦When the vehicle is going down the ramp, do not disconnect the circuit
of the driving motor, and gently press the brake pedal to make
the vehicle run in the regenerative braking state, and use the kinetic
energy of the vehicle to reduce the energy consumption of the battery.

►In the operation of the vehicle, do not mistake the direction
switch of "forward and backward" as the steering switch.

►Unless an emergency deceleration is required,
do not press the brake pedal directly to the end.

►During the use of the vehicle, when the battery is found to be insufficient
(which can be obtained through the electricity meter,
power deficit indicator light and other alarm devices),
the battery should be charged as soon as possible
to prevent excessive discharge of the battery.

►FLIFT electric reach truck forklift are equipped with advanced
electrical equipment and can provide customized services.