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3-3.5 ton rough terrain forklift truck with high ground clearance factory price

Date: 2024-02-27 View:

3-3.5 ton rough terrain forklift truck with
high ground clearance factory price

Features of 3-3.5 ton rough terrain forklift truck

High Strength Overhead Guard

►Standard overhead guard and full cabin for options, 
cabin can equip with heater and air-conditioner.

►Top cover ceiling adopts high-strength steel plate stamping.


Excellent Lighting System

►The full machine equipped with LED lights,
low energy consumption, long service life and etc.

►Additional front and rear LED lights for options.

Comfortable Driving Space

►The light combination switch, function switch and control valve
are all arranged on the right side,and the left hand
can control all functions on the steering wheel.

►All information showed on the LCD,
driver can easily get the forklift working condition.

►Using electronic shift handle, easy operating.

Easy Maintenance

►The cabin has power rollover function. When need maintenance,
simply pressing the electronic switch to tilt the cabin.

►Easy access to all the important components like electric control box,
air filter, battery and etc, and no need tools to assembly or dismounting.

High Position Intake and Exhaust System

►Vertical exhaust with good drainage performance,
provide all weather operations.

►Vertical exhaust effectively prevent ground dust
and rain from entering the inlet.

High Efficient Transmission System

►Using switch to control between two and 4-wheel drive. 

►Using 2-wheel mode driving on paved roads is more
fuel-effcient and environmentally friendly.When
driving on muddy roads, the 4-wheel drive mode
help the vehicles pass smoothly and safely.

►The forklift using 4-wheel driving system, both front and
rear drive axles have adaptive limited-slip differentials.

►Excellent off-road performance,
any one wheel slip will not affect the driving.

Super High Ground Clearance

►Front and rear wheels use deep-pattern widening off-road
vacuum tires, with strong off-road capability,
excellent vehicle stability and shock absorption.

►Steering axle swings up to 7°, good maintaining grip
on rugged mountain or muddy terrain.

►350mm ground clearance, strong pass ability.