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3 ton 3.5 ton electric forklift with high voltage lithium battery for Ceramic tile industry Easy maintenance factory price

Date: 2024-04-02 View:

 3 ton 3.5 ton electric forklift with high voltage
lithium battery for Ceramic tile industry

Material handling in ceramic factories places high demands
on forklifts, both in terms of environment and efficiency.

Compared with ordinary forklifts, high-voltage lithium battery forklifts
are the best choice for handling products in ceramic factories
in terms of performance and configuration.

FLIFT high-voltage lithium battery forklift satisfies the ceramic factory's
requirements for cargo handling and provides it with high-quality
material handling solutions.


►Industry-leading power performance.

309V high-voltage system, full-load maximum travel speed of 20KM/h,
full-load lifting speed of 520mm/s, full-load gradeability of 20%, powerful
performance surpassing the same level of internal combustion forklifts.

►Intelligent buffering function for cargo falling.

When the goods begin to fall, the sensor transmits data to the control
system, which controls the descending speed of the lowering forks to
reduce the impact and vibration of the goods during the descent
process, thereby protecting the goods and ensuring
transportation safety.

►CATL original battery pack.
With 30 minutes of 1C fast charging, the battery can last for 8 hours
under all operating conditions. It can be fully charged between breaks
and can be used without stopping when the car is parked.
At the same time, there is no need to regularly replace the oil
and three filters like a fuel forklift,
which reduces customer maintenance costs.

The protection level of the high-voltage three-electric system is
as high as IP67, and the protection level of the whole vehicle
is as high as IPX4, making it easy to cope with the
high dust environment of ceramic factories.

The gantry is reinforced with national standard quality and
the vehicle body structure is made of solid materials.
The vehicle adopts a low center of gravity and 1700mm
long wheelbase design, making load-carrying operations
more stable and secure.

►FLIFT Lithium-ion forklifts are easy to operate, powerful,
and use an electric system with zero emissions and zero pollution,
making them the first choice for customers.