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New design 3 ton lithium battery electric forklift

Date: 2024-01-03 View:

 3 ton lithium battery electric forklift

The characteristics of lithium battery forklifts themselves make lithium battery forklifts a more intelligent and advanced choice.

Lithium battery electric forklift features

High energy efficiency

Compared with traditional batteries or liquefied gas forklifts, lithium batteries are not only high in content due to their high energy density,
but also can be used for a long time and charge more quickly, thereby improving energy efficiency and work efficiency.
Therefore, lithium battery forklifts can have higher work efficiency and longer working time.

Environmental friendly and energy saving

Other forklifts need to use gasoline and diesel fuel, which is not only expensive, but also emits a lot of polluting gases.
Lithium battery forklifts not only save energy costs but also significantly reduce carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions.
Therefore, lithium battery forklifts are an environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice.

Low maintenance cost

The internal structure of the lithium battery forklift is relatively simple, and there is no need to replace the oil or pipeline,
which means that the maintenance cost of the forklift is cheaper than other forklifts.
In addition, because the lithium battery forklift has no exhaust emissions, it saves the cost of exhaust treatment.

High Quality Electrical Components

Original imported world famous brand controller. After professional adjustment,
walking and upgrade control is precision and efficiency, excellent performance.
The forklift with regenerative braking, ramp brakingfault self-diagnosis and other functions.

Fast charging port

The charging port is placed on the side, just open the charging port cover to charge.

In general, the characteristics of high efficiency, low maintenance costs,
environmental protection and energy saving are enough to prove that
lithium battery forklifts are a more intelligent and advanced choice.