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FLIFT brand 3-3.5ton high voltage lithium battery Forklift

Date: 2024-01-10 View:

  3-3.5ton high voltage lithium battery Forklift

  Excellent performance

Power performance surpasses that of fuel forklifts of the same tonnage
Permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum efficiency up to 96%
More powerful than internal combustion forklifts and safer than electric forklifts
Comparable to  imported  I.C.forklifts  in  terms  of full/empty  load,climbing ability,speed and control  performance!

After fully charged in 1 hour, it can be used for 10 hours under comprehensive working conditions, 
which greatly improves material handling efficiency.
Compatible with national / European standard car charging piles
CATL original liquid-cooled battery pack

Car-grade battery,controller and motor
High voltage architecture with high integration and low failure rate
Protection level reaches IP67,able to cope with complex environments below with ease 
 High temperature,high cold,high dust (4mg/cubic meter),high altitude
Can withstand 400mm/h precipitation,waterproof grade IPX40             
 Ev-system electronic controller:Verification of millions of kilometers of road vehicles,
stable performance

 Safe &reliable,car-grade thermal management system,-30 ℃~60 ℃ 
Overload protection,power outage protection,multiple insulation detection
times Vibration test,fit harsh working conditions and strong tolerance

Car-grade thermal management system,
enable stable working conditions in harsh environments ranging from,-30°C to 60°C, 
and can continue to output power stably even in low-temperature cold storage,
steel casting workshops,and smelting plants.
  Durable,easy to use,environmentally friendly
  Simple maintenance and low cost of use
Keep the operating habits of diesel forklifts
 Zero emission,environmentally friendly,economical and  durable

  Smart and multifunctional
Automatic slope holding function,OPS function
operating modes,remote diagnostic monitoring,reversing voice reminder

Automatic ramp parking function can prevent accidents caused by manual operation errors,hence,
ensure the safety of goods and personnel.

  CATL original battery
Enjoy the CATL global after-sales network
309V high voltage lithium battery

Charge and discharge 3,000 times/20,000 working hours/battery cell warranty for 8 years (whichever comes first)