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FLIFT brand 3ton all rough terrain forklift for sale

Date: 2020-10-02 View:

FLIFT brand 3ton  all rough terrain forklift   


FLIFT brand 3ton 4wd rough terrain forklift with cabin


wide -view control vision and comfortable seat with air conditioner

The engine and gearbox are connected with each other by a stepless speed change device,
thereby allowing the differebtial brake turn,small turn radius and flexible turn. Usually 3-5
people assemble a vehicle at the same time , to ensure the zero failture rate . promiss the high quality.


Focuse on checking mast, ensure the high -strength quality.


 Could equip the variety of engines as your customized opnion

High streng triplex 4.5m mast with LED headlig, ensure the working safety at night .


Side-shifter device