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China Medium tonnage 5-8 ton diesel forklift with high lifting height

Date: 2024-01-26 View:

 China Medium Tonnage 5-8 Ton Diesel Forklift

 Features of 5-8 ton diesel forklift
Advanced  equipment

World famous imported diesel and gasoline engine, Japan Okamura

gear box and wet drive axle for options.

Intelligent LCD instrument, CAN,Controller Area Network,
real-time display of engine and forklift's working information.


Comfortable Driving Space

Ergonomic design, rational operating device layout,
equipped with adjustable seats (adjustment up to 150mm) and steering wheel.

The 5-8tforlift have fork positioner for option.

A forklift models standard with hydraulic seeing system, easy and comfort to operate.

High Security

Overhead guard with high-strength steel plate one stamping, 
provide driver more sophisticated security.

Hydraulic power brake system, large capacity accumulator, 
reliable driving and emergency braking.

Intelligent starting system, forklift hanging gear start prevent function,
it improves the operation safety and longer gearbox service life.

Standard equipped button parking brake, 
effectively prevent the handbrake from accidentally release.

Convenient Maintenance

Reasonable Body parts, large space, hood open angle of up to 70°,easy maintenance.