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FLIFT 3.5T rough terrain forklift with EPA-T4F Cummins engine

Date: 2024-05-22 View:

 FLIFT 3.5T outdoor forklift with EPA-T4F Cummins engine and 3 stage 4.5m mast
(4x4 off road forklift)

Now we have completely finished this 3.5t 4X4 off road forklift.

After 2 days testing, will be delivering to our America agent.

Then, let’s see overall configurations of this all rough terrain forklift.  

1: Selected the closed cabin

 Engine   Details



Engine Emission :    EPA-Tire 4,

           Engine Brand :       America Cummins
          Engine Power:     55kw  (Turbo),   Engine Cylinder: 4 

What’s the type of rough terrain forklift tyres?


Rear tire,  Type: 10.0/75-15.3-12PR,    Pneumatic.  


Front tire,  Type: 14-17.5- 14PR,         Pneumatic. 

What’s the ground clearance of this 3.5T rough terrain forklift?

The Maximum ground clearance is 275mm,ultrahigh design not only meet the complex working condition,
but also greatly increase the trafficability and maneuverability. 


What’s the type of this rough terrain forklift?

3 stage 4.5m mast.     Lifting height : 4500mm

(Customized mast type, so called triplex mast, It is a common type of forklift mast type) 

What’s height of the 3 stage 4.5 mast lowered
 The height of mast lowered :  2280mm 


Regard to the differencial lock device for the 4x4 off road forklift


Rear drive axles have adaptive limited-slip differentials.

Excellent off-road performance,any one wheel slip will not affect driving.


Our 3-3.5t all rough terrain forklift all equipped with the differencial lock device which could lock one of Rear wheels,
as the forklift mire down in mud.

As one of the wheels appeared idling, then the system will immediately locking the wheel,
and transfer the power to other working tyres , help forklift better to get out of the difficult situation.

Using 2-wheel mode driving on paved roads is more fuel-efficient

and environmentally friendly. When driving on muddy roads,

the 4-wheel drive mode help the vehicles pass smoothly and safety. 


1. Why choose us?

As a  forklift manufacturer, FLIFT is committed to offer high quality and performance 

2. Can we provide OEM service?

FLIFT can provide customized products, Both OEM and ODM are acceptable 

( 4wd Off Road Testing Video)