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1.5-3.5 Ton Explosion-Proof Electric Forklift

Date: 2023-06-09 View:

 High Quality 1.5-3.5 Ton Explosion-Proof Electric Forklift

Product Details

1: Explosion-proof AC motor, excellent performance, free-maintenance.

2:High-performance explosion-proof battery, large capacity, long service life.

3: The whole light system on the forklift are antiexplosion.

4:The forklift carrying explosion-proof control system,
it monitors the insulsting property, operation temperature and running speed.
Equipped with emergency stop function,
ensures the safety of persons and property in critical situation.

Product Parameter
 Model  FB35EX-C2
 Power Type  Electric
 Rated Capacity  3500 kg
 Load Centre  500 mm
 Service Weight  5700 kg
 Tyre Type  Air tires
 Front Tyre Size  28*9-15-12PR
 Rear Tyre Size  18*7-8
 Front Tread  1000 mm
 Rear Tread  980 mm
 WheelBase  1700 mm
 Fork Size  1070*125*50
 Mast Tilt Angle  6°/12°
 Lift Height  3000 mm
 Mast Lowered Height  2150 mm
 Free Lift Height  125 mm
 Mast Extended Height  4180 mm
 Overall Width  1230 mm
 Overhead Guard Height  2250 mm
 Distance From Roof to Seat  1020 mm
 Front Overhang  485 mm
 Rear Overhang  430 mm
 Turning Radius  2350 mm
 Max. Travel Speed  13/14 km/h
 Lifting Speed  320/380 mm/s
 Lowering Speed  300/600 mm/s
 Max. Gradeability  15%
 Battery(Voltage/Capacity)  80V/500Ah
 Fork Size(L*W*H)  1015*690*815 mm
 Drive Motor  15 kW
 Lift Motor  12 kW
 Controller Manufacturer  CURTIS
 Type  AC motor
 Min. insecting aisle  2425 mm
 Min. right angle stacking aisle width  4070 mm

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