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Our company Henan jingcheng xiandai forklift CO.,LTD has whole aytomatic production line for forklift manufacturing, include robot welding line,assembing line,painting line etc. Our products range from 1t 2t 6t to 48t diesel forklift, 1t 1.5t 4t 5t to 12t electric forklift, 3-7t rough terrain forklift etc. We also can support custom service for the mast,tires,etc, see as below:

My company strictly accordance with the ISO9001 quality service system for management, guarantee good product quality , according to the state machinery industry JB / T2391-94 standards, since the machine sold, the ‘’three guarantees” for whole truck is six months,for foreign customers,our product warranty period is twelve months.See as below,our company forklift detail photos: