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China Best Price 25 Ton Lithium Battery Forklift On Sale

Date: 2023-07-21 View:

 Fashionable Style Lithium Battery  25 Ton Forklift On Sale

Producr Description

1:The vehicle adopts 618V high-voltage electrical platform,
high-voltage permanent magnet synchronous drive motor and imported dual-wheel drive.

2: Equipped with a vehicle intelligent thermal management system,
which integrates battery temperature management,
motor electronic control temperature management, and cab air conditioning,
it eliminates the risk of vehicle thermal runaway,
significantly reduces vehicle energy consumption, and improves battery life.

3:The hydraulic system adopts a load-sensitive variable pump control system,
which automatically adjusts the displacement of the oil pump according to the load,
realizes high-precision flow control,
and has significant energy saving and consumption reduction effects.

4:The mast control adopts the electronic control technology
of single handle centralized control,
which can precisely control the mast and forks,
with high joint action efficiency and easy operation.

Product Parameter

Model FB250
Power Type  Electric
Driving Type  Seated
 Rated Capacity  25000 kg
 Load Centre  1200 mm
 Service Weight  27870 kg
 Tire Type  Air tires
 Wheel number X=Drive wheel (front/rear)  4X/2
 Front Tires  14.00-24-PR24
 Reat Tires  14.00-24-PR24
 Front Tread   2200 mm
 Rear Tread  2345 mm
 Wheelbase  4100 mm
 Lift Height  4000 mm
 Fork Size  2420*250*120 mm
 Mast Tilt Angle  5°/10°
 Mast Lowered Height  4000 mm
Length to face of fork  6265 mm
 Mast Extended Height  6005 mm
 Overall Width  3050 mm
 Over Guard Height  3500 mm
 Distance from roof to seat  1050 mm
 Front Overhang  1055 mm
 Rear Overhang  1105 mm
 Turning Radius(outside)  5900 mm
 Ground Clearance  360 mm
 Min.insecting aisle  6200 mm
 Min.right angle stacking aisle width  10500 mm
 Voltage/Capacity  618.24 V/456Ah
 Rated Storage  282Kwh