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how to maintenance and servicing forklift battery daily

Date: 2021-06-02 View:

  Maintenance and Servicing of lead-acid battery


To maximize battery life and maximum potential

II. Scope

3. Technical parameters of the battery

 1. Correct steps for charging:

Open the battery cover plate

Pull off the battery plug

Connect to the charger

Power on the charger

Charging …

Disconnect the charger supply

Pull off the charging plug

Supplementary Electroelectrolyte

Cover with the battery cover plate

 2. The surface or connection of the battery must be kept clean; avoid any impurities (such as dust) inside the battery; dust and impurities must be removed with wet cloth, otherwise cause static electricity and cause unnecessary damage.



Note that the polarity of the battery matches the charger, otherwise damage to the battery and charger. 

  3、Keep the charger clean

4When the electrolyte level is not enough, do not blindly supplement acid (test specific gravity after full charge) because it will damage the system balance and corrosion plate of the battery; no iron container, pure lead tank,

porcelain tank, pottery tank or PVC (plastic container)




5、Check the electrolyte level. If the level does not reach the overflow baffle or top of the partition, it should be added with deionized water or distilled water.






Too much water will lead to electrolyte overflow when charging or use,
destroy the balance of the battery system, corrosion box and parts, battery short circuit fire, etc.

 7、The battery column has good contact without looseness.



8、Long-term undercharging can lead to insufficient power, and more seriously will damage the battery panel, reduce capacity and shorten life.



9、discharge will cause battery damage) and the polar active material fall off, the electrolyte may overflow.Overcharging will lead to high battery temperature (electrolyte rated 30 ºC, temperature will shorten the battery life, too low temperature will reduce the capacity, 55 ºC is the limit, exceeding this temperature

10、Charging immediately after battery discharge, not allowed on hold for more than one day

The battery will release hydrogen and oxygen in the process of charging. When the hydrogen content in the air reaches 4%, the open fire will produce explosion danger. Please pay attention to the exhaust, and there must be no open fire next to the charging battery or just finished the battery;


12  Battery balanced charging once a week to extend battery life




13、During charging, smoking, electric welding, gas welding, grinding turbine and toothless saw are not allowed in the charging room,
or it will cause explosion.
The above is easy to see the open fire, and should pay attention to the not easy open fire: static electricity (human body itself,
wipe the battery surface with a dry rag), collision, etc