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FLIFT Brand roller fork

Date: 2023-10-10 View:

How to achieve palletized handling of goods?   

In recent years, due to rising labor costs, raw material prices and environmental pressure, many enterprises are facing great challenges in cost management, among which the most obvious performance is some export enterprises. In order to solve these contradictions and problems, enterprises must abandon the old ideas and realize cost reduction through technological innovation and management efficiency. Here is a tool that can reduce the cost of logistics packaging and transportation for enterprises - cardless handling.   


As we all know, the fork is a kind of forklift equipment, which is equivalent to the manipulator mounted on the forklift, so that the forklift becomes a multi-purpose and efficient material handling tool, which can fork, clamp, push, pull, side shift and rotation of almost any imaginable handling object, so as to improve logistics efficiency, reduce production costs, avoid product damage and save storage space. At present, the cargo fork is mostly used with the pallet, the goods are placed on the pallet, the cargo fork is inserted from the bottom of the pallet, and then the goods are transferred to the designated position, and then the cargo fork is drawn out, so repeated operation,
there is low work efficiency and increase the transportation cost.

How to achieve palletized handling of goods? This requires forklift accessories to determine what kind of fork accessories are equipped with forklifts mainly according to the different nature and different shapes of goods, and usually the use of ordinary forks is the most common. In view of the defects of low efficiency and high cost that the existing forklift fork must be equipped with pallets, a product designed for pallet-free handling of forklifts has appeared on the market, which is also called roller fork.


The principle of use is that when transferring some heavy or large coefficient of friction goods, the pin shaft is moved to the top pin shaft mounting hole, because the distance between the center of the upper pin shaft mounting hole and the top of the fork rod is less than the radius of the roller, at this time, the top of the roller wheel shows the roller groove and extends the top of the fork rod; Insert the fork rod from the bottom of the goods, through the rolling contact between the roller and the goods, so that the goods are inserted into the fork rod; Because the goods are heavy or the coefficient of friction is large, it is not easy to drop during the transit process; When unloading, similarly, pull the fork rod from the bottom of the roller; Thus, the traditional fork needs to be equipped with pallets, increasing the cost of equipment, and improving the flexibility of forklift, transfer and unloading.


When transporting some lighter or smaller coefficient of friction goods, it does not need the cooperation of rollers to facilitate the forklift, transfer and unloading of goods. Move the pin shaft into the lower pin shaft mounting hole
, and since the distance from the center of the lower pin shaft mounting hole to the top of the fork rod is greater than the radius of the roller, the roller is fully contained in the roller groove.

It can also realize the selective use or non-use of rollers for different goods, under the premise of meeting the convenience of forklift,transfer
and unloading, reduce the use of rollers, prevent excessive use of rollers, serious surface wear, and reduce its service life.


Usually in order to avoid damage to the goods or packaging boxes, a cardboard can be used under the goods, so that not only can avoid damage to the goods or cartons, but also can make the roller fork obtain better friction.  

General bagged raw materials (such as chemical raw materials, plastic particles, etc.), export carton packaging products can use this roller fork to achieve handling. The advantages of the roller fork are easy to install, can be used in a variety of environments, and no need to frequently change the fork, environmental protection and efficiency, save pallets, reduce costs, for the export of container goods, save the space of the pallet, can put more goods.