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Approve 7-10 Ton Rough Terrain Forklift With Closed Cabin

Date: 2023-05-29 View:

 FLIFT 7-10 Ton Rough Terrain Forklift With Closed Cabin

Product Parameter

 Forklift Type  Articulated Rough Terrain
 Rated Lifting Capacity  7 ton
 Forklift Length  1520 mm
 Max. Lifting Height  3000 mm
 Overall Length  5600 mm
 Overall Width  2200 mm
 Over Height  3300 mm
 Wheel Base  2650 mm
 Wheel Tread  1830 mm
 Engine Make  Chinese Dongfeng Cummins-Euro II
 Engine Model  C-150/In-line/110 kW
 Transmission  Torque-convertor transmission
 Gear shifts  Power shifed 4F and 2R
 Driving Type  All-time 4*4
 Steering Type  Hydraulic-driven articulated
 Service Weight  12500 kg
 Tractiom  100 kN
 Max. Graeability  35°
 Max.F/R Speed  36 /22 km/h
 Min.Turning Radius  5500 mm
 Max. Ground Clearance  316 mm
 Turning Angle  35°
 Hydraulic Pressure  17 Mpa
 Working Speed  2200 rpm
 Cylinder Drifting   ≤12.5 mm/h
 CabinType   Enclosed Glass window and door
Cabin A/C  COOL and Warm
 Cabin With  Camera/Radio/Arm Rest 
 Fuel  150 L
 Hydraulic Oil  150 L
 Transmission oil  45 L
 Radiator Coolant  40 L
 Service Brake     Air-over-oil disk braking
 Electrial Voltage  24 V
 Operation Control  Joystick (Right hand)
 Tupe and Size  Sand 17.5-25

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