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Date: 2024-04-10 View:

what are the advantages of rough terrain (off road)forklift?

Many people say that off-road forklifts are more suitable for
complex and harsh working environments than ordinary forklifts.

Why do people say this?

What are the advantages of off-road forklifts?

Come with me and take a look.

1. four-wheel drive.


Ordinary forklifts are two-wheel drive, while off-road forklifts are four-wheel drive.
Therefore, when facing harsh ground environments, off-road forklifts have greater power to travel.

And our off-road forklift is equipped with a differential lock
(when one of the wheels gets stuck in the mud, this tire can be locked.
Its power will be distributed to the other three tires, which can maximize the use of power.)

2.Super high passability.

Under the same tonnage, the ground clearance of an ordinary forklift is about 150mm.
When passing through sand, snow and muddy roads, not only the pass rate is low but also the forklift chassis will be worn.

The ground clearance of off-road forklifts is basically above 300mm,
which not only has a high passing rate but also effectively reduces the wear and tear on the chassis caused by harsh ground conditions.

The maximum ground clearance in the middle of our off-road forklift body can reach 350mm, with strong passing ability.

Moreover, both the front and rear wheels use deep pattern widened off-road tubeless tires,
which have strong off-road capabilities, excellent vehicle stability and shock absorption performance.

And the steering axle swing angle can reach 7°,
which can maintain good grip even on rugged mountain roads or muddy ground.


3. high-level intake and exhaust system

Our off-road forklift adopts a high air inlet design, which can effectively prevent most of the ground dust and rainwater from entering the air inlet.

The high-position exhaust pipe has good drainage performance and can work all day.

Moreover, the cab has a power tilting function.
When maintenance work is required, just press the electronic switch to tilt the cab forward and open it.