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What height can a side loader lift ?

Date: 2024-04-08 View:

What height can a side loader lift ?

In general,  the side loader truck equipped with the standard 2 stage 3m or 2 stage 3.6m mast.

but the lifting height could be customized as demand.

Such as the maximum lifting height could be customized up to 6.5m,
triplex 6.5m mast, so called customized 3 stage mast type which own the more lower mast lowered height
and the more stable working performance.
Many foreign clients prefer to choose the triplex 4.5m mast. This is the prevailing mast type.

What weight can a side loader lift?

The lifting weight depend on the lifting height.

That means the lifting height more higher , the loading capacity more smaller accordingly.

I will explain the detail lifting height linked to the loading capacity as below.

The 10T diesel side loader truck equipped with the 3 stage mast with different lifting height as example.

  1: when lifting up to 3-4m height,  loading capacity: 10000Kg
 Mast lowered height: 3450mm

 2: when lifting up to 4.5m height,  loading capacity:  6000Kg

  Mast lowered height: 3450mm
 3: when lifting up to 5m height,     loading capacity:  5000Kg

  Mast lowered height: 3450mm

   4: when lifting up to 5.5m height,   loading capacity: 4500Kg

   Mast lowered height: 3450mm

   5: when lifting up to 6-6.5m height,  loading capacity: 4000Kg

  Mast lowered height: 3850mm

    6: when lifting up to 6.5m height,    loading capacity: 3850Kg

  Mast lowered height: 3850mm


What’s the loader center of the side loader forklift?

As everyone knows ,In the forklift industry, the more bigger load center means the stronger loading capacity.

Also take the standard 10T diesel side loader load as example in domestic, and compare with our FLIFT brand side loader truck.

The standard 10T load center is 600mm. So the maximum loading weight is around 10000kg,   own the 10% overload load capacity.

But our 10t side loader truck loader center is 760mm, So the maximum loading weight is almost 15000kg, own the 15% overload load capacity.

In our side loader truck series, only our 5-7t side loader truck adopt the 600mm load center which as same as other brand‘s 10T series.

Obviously,  same tonnage side loader truck with different load center, as well as the different load capacity.

Which kind of engine does a side loader use?

1:  In china , we mainly adopt our china domestic made engine

Chinese Xinchai brand for the 3-4t diesel side loader truck

Chinese Weichai and chaochai brand for the large tonnage side loader forklift,  such as 7-12t series.

2:  Meanwhile many foreign clients prefer to the japanese and America brand engine,

So our engine for the side loader truck could be optional.

Japanese engine model: Isuzu 6BG1 and Mitsubishi S6S for 5-12t diesel side loader truck series,
the traditional 6 cylinders inner combustion engine qualified with high performance and low maintenance cost.  

Some clients prefer to choose the America Cummins brand engine

Engine Model: QSF3.8 series, advanced turbo technology and stronger power with more appropriate price.
Better fuel economy, high efficiency working performance . Greatly reduce the cost of use.

           1.Engine Displacement: 3800 CC
     2.Engine Cylinder Quantity: 4
3.Engine Emission: EU-III
            4.Engine Power: 86kw/ 2200 rpm

Can your company support the telescopic beam for the side loader truck?

Yes,We had designed the customized 8m telescopic beam with three forks for our Australia client previously.

Pls see the drawing diagram, So send you customized configuration idea for the side loader truck.


Our FLFT brand forklift have been devoted to the forklift customization service. 

Plz view our FLIFT  10t diesel forklfit truck with cummins engine operation video