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Factory Sale Full Electric Pallet Stacker With Off-road Type

Date: 2023-07-07 View:

 FLIFT Brand Full Electric Pallet Stacker With Off-road Type

Product Parameter
 Model  CDD10Y  CDD15Y
 Power Source  Lead-acid battery  Lead-acid battery
 Operation Method  walking  walking
 Rated Load Capacity  1000 kg  1500 kg
 Load Center  600 mm  600 mm
 Service Weight( including battery)  785 mm  785 mm
 Tire Type (Front/Rear)  Solid rubber wheels  Solid rubber wheels
 Drive wheel size  Ø 300*80 mm  Ø 300*80 mm
 Bearing wheel size  Ø 406*110 mm  Ø 406*110 mm
 Overall Height  2130 mm  2130 mm
 Standard Lifting Height  1600 mm  1600 mm
 Fork ground clearance(minimum)  60 mm  60 mm
 Height of operating handle from the ground  1320 mm  1320 mm
 Overall Length  1960 mm  1960 mm
 Overall  Width  1580 mm  1580 mm
 Fork Length  1070 mm  1070 mm
 Fork Adjustment range  240-720 mm  240-720 mm
 Minimum ground Clearance  120 mm  120 mm
 Inner width of outrigger  1270 mm  1270 mm
 Turning Radius( Steps Expand/ Folded)  1555 mm  1555 mm
 Driving speed (full load/ no load)  3.5/4.5 km/h  3.5/4.5 km/h
 Lifting speed( full load/ no load)  13/25 mm/s  13/25 mm/s
 Gradeability ( full load/ no load)  8/10 %  8/10 %
 Braking method  Electromagnetic brake  Electromagnetic brake
 Drive motor power  AC 1.5 kw  AC 1.5 kw
 Lifting motor power  2.2 kw  2.2 kw
 Battery Voltage/ Capacity  24V/100 Ah  24V/100Ah
 Battery weight  24V/15 Ah  24V/15Ah

Product Advantage

►Drive stepless speed regulation, safe and quiet

►Controller multiple brake protection system

►Emergency reverse collision avoidance device

►Emergency power off switch

►Curve deceleration