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Hot Sale 3 Ton Telescopic Forklift With 6.8 Meter

Date: 2023-05-25 View:

Big Discount 3 Ton 6.8 Meter Telescopic Forklift 

Product Parameter
 Overall Height  2300 mm
 Overall Width  2150 mm
 Inside width of cab  800 mm
 Front Track  1750 mm
 Wheelbase  2850 mm
 Overall Length to Front Tyres  4200 mm
 Overall Length to Front Carriage  4650 mm
 Ground Clearance  350 mm
 Outside Turn Radius  4250 mm
 Carriage roll back angle  42.6
 Carriage dump angle  37.5
 Weight Unladen  7250 kg
 Tyres  16/70-20
 Fuel Tank  95 L
 Hydraulic Oil Tank  70 L
 Drive Speed  23/Km
 Maximum Lift Capacity  3000 kg
 Lift Capacity to Full Height  2300 kg
 Lift Capacity at Full Reach  1100 kg
 Lift Height  6800 mm
 Reach at Maximum Lift Height  450 mm
 Maximum Forward Reach  3600 mm
 Reach with one ton load  3600 mm

Product Advantages

Quiet safe and comfortable cab 
Adjustable deluxe seat, adjustable steer column with stalk powershift change and forward reverse shuttle.

►The Boom and Carriage
Boom is manufactured from high tensile steel.
Self-leveling carriage with hydraulic pin locking quickhitch.
Accepts pallet forks and a wide range of attachments.
One boom and auxiliary hydraulic service fitted as standard.


Product Transportation