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Capacity introduction in Selecting of forklift

Date: 2017-09-18 View:

 To select the best forklift for your needs, start with standard load weight and size. These vehicles are rated by their maximum weight capacity, which starts at 1 t and can reach well beyond 48t Most of the forklifts you'll find , though 2.5t is standard for most industries. As far as capacity goes, this is determined by a 500mm load center. In other words, the distance between the sides of the load and the center of gravity measures 500mm. Forklifts only carry their maximum weight in a 4-foot cube, to put that into perspective. If you have strangely shaped loads, a forklift might not be the safest bet. Knowing the dimensions and weight of loads will give you hard numbers to bring to sellers to determine the best capacity required. Unless you produce identical items, remember to consider variation in size. A truck with greater capacity puts a little insurance on your future work.