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What is the difference between stacker and forklift?

Date: 2024-04-28 View:

 What is the difference between stacker and forklift?

Stackers and forklifts are two commonly used vehicles
in industrial handling equipment.
They have significant differences in
structure, function, applicable scenarios, operating difficulty, advantages and disadvantages, etc.
The following is the relevant introduction:


Structural differences

Stackers usually have a platform or frame,
and a lifting device is installed at one end of the cargo part to directly lift goods;

The most notable feature of a forklift is that it is equipped with forks for transporting goods.


Functional differences.

Stackers are mainly used for stacking goods in warehouses.
They have vertical round-trip transportation functions and
are suitable for storage and pickup of high-rise warehouses and palletized goods.

Forklifts are suitable for flat transportation and short-distance efficient handling.
They have strong adaptability and are suitable for for a variety of goods and scenarios.


Applicable scene.

Stackers are suitable for situations where vertical lifting and transportation of goods is required,
such as elevated warehouses, container terminals, etc.;

forklifts are suitable for transporting items on a flat surface,
and are suitable for warehouses and logistics centers with relatively flat sites.


Loading capacity.

The loading capacity of a stacker truck is usually between 1 ton and 3 tons,
which is suitable for the storage and retrieval of light goods;

The loading capacity of a forklift is generally between 2.5 and 16 tons,
and is suitable for the handling of heavy goods.

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