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New Three-way narrow aisle electric pallet stacker truck

Date: 2007-12-20 View:

3-Way stacking function:
Forks can rotate 180 and do left-right side
Shift without body turning

Intensive storage
It is the best choice for warehouse space expanding .
Min working aisle width is only 1480mm
(TC 10 series,1000*1000mm pallet size),
saving space and increasing storage capacity

Rear axle stable design
Rear axle is equiped with locking device ,it can
Improve the whole vehicle stability when do lifting and sidesway
Operation, ensure side stacking body stability

Humanization design:
Forks can be soft landing , when forks close to ground or stop ,
It’s speed automatically reduces, with more comfort operation
Driving wheel display and standard configuration camera when
Lifting more than 4.5m can make operation conveniently.