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Hot Sale Mini Electric Pallet Truck With High Quality

Date: 2023-07-27 View:

 FLIFT Brand Mini Electric Pallet Truck With High Quality

Product Advantages
CURTIS control system with excellent performance, efficient and stable.
Permanent magnet travel motor with low heat generation.
Regenerative braking system and ramp protection against skiding.
Large-volumn maintenance free battery.

2: Reliability
World-class hydraulic power unit, low noise, low vibration.
AMP waterproof connectors with high reliability.

3: Security
Integrated emergency button for safty.
Anti-skid ramp function ensures safe operation
4: Comfort
Integrated handlar with nice look and simple operation.
Small size, light and flexible, extremely easy to operate.

5: Easy Maintenance
Openable cover for convenient maintenance.
Built-in charger, maintenance-free battery.

Producr Parameter
Model FBTA13 FBTA15
Power Type Electirc  Electric
Operation Type Pedestrian Pedestrian
Rated Capacity 1300 kg 1500 kg
Load Center 600 mm 600 mm
Weight(with battery) 195 kg 215 kg
Material PU PU
No.of Wheels 1X+2/4 1x+2/4
Drive Wheel Ø210*70 mm Ø 210*70 mm
Load Wheel Ø 80*70 mm Ø 80*70 mm
Balance Wheel Ø 55*28 mm Ø 55*28 mm
Wheelbase 1152 mm 1152 mm
Lift Height 205 mm 205 mm
Fork Size 1150*160*50 mm 1150*160*50 mm
Distance between Fork Arms 560/685 mm 560/685 mm
Overall Length 1720 mm 1720 mm
Overall Height 703 mm 703 mm
Mini. Ground Clearance 80/85 mm 80/85 mm
Height of tiller in drive position 1230/729 mm 1230/729 mm
Front Overhang 954 mm 954 mm
Turning Radius 1366 mm 1366 mm
Floor Clearance 25 mm 25 mm
For pallets 1000*1200 lengthways 1925 mm 1925 mm
Travel Speed  3.5/4 km/h 3.5/4 km/h
Lifting Speed 35/45 mm/s 35/45 mm/s
Max. Gradeability 8/15% 8/15%
Braking System Electromagnetic  Electrimagnetic
Battery(Voltage/ Capacity) 2*12V/65Ah 2*12V/80Ah
Drive Motor 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Steer Motor 0.8 kW 0.8 kW
Controller Curtis DC Curtis DC
Operating Pressure for Hydraulic System 7.5 Mpa 8.5 Mpa

Product Details

► Electronic limit in lifting, eliminate lifting shock,
ensure operation safety and usability of the entire vehicle.

►The instrument, key and emergency stop switch placed
behind the vehicle to prevent from being wet or stroke by falling objects.

►The balance wheels of two sides always contact the ground,
so that the vehicle will work stably and have no vibration.