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FLIFT brand forklift Praised by American customers

Date: 2017-09-09 View: 33

 Once we sold 5 set FLIFT brand forklift to an American client,electric ,CNG and LPG type,customer spoke highly of all the equipment, here is the details of the forklift and the customer,if you want to know more,welcome your visiting to our website      if you will come to our company Henan jingcheng xiandai forklift CO.,LTD   Welcome, we will treat you well,take you to the famous intresting places and tell you the history of China.

I am here,i bought 5 set FLIFT brand forklift:
(1)FB25:5.5meter+3-stage+cascade fork positioner*2sets
(2)FB35:5.5meter+3-stage+cascade fork positioner
(3)FY35-CNG:5.5meter+3-stage+cascade fork positioner
(4)FY35-LPG:5.5meter+3-stage+cascade fork positioner+EPA