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Disassembly Method of Hydraulic Piping System of Forklift

Date: 2023-06-05 View:

The Method of Disassembly of The Hydraulic Pipe System

1: Before disassembling, it is important to note that before the disassembly and installation procedure,
the switch needs to be placed in its closed position, the battery plug disconnected,
and the remaining pressure on the conduit released using the control lever.
Keep the work environment clean and avoid going inside.
When disconnecting the catheter, cover the perimeter with a rage to avoid oil contamination and other spare parts.
Disassembled spare parts should be placed on clean paper or rags,
and care should be taken to avoid contamination, scratches or dents.
Suspension and lifting require professional warehouse electric forklift maintenance personnel.
Carrying heavy loads requires two people working together.

2: The forklift wraps a piece of sealing tape around a tapered thread to keep debris
from the sealing band from getting into the hydraulic pipe.
Use an O-ring in the fitting when connector thread before mounting
and insert the O-ring along the way to avoid damage to the O-ring.
It is necessary to tighten the joint by hand, determine the position of the joint,
and then tighten the lock nut to the specified torque.

3: Release the hydraulic fluid before disassembling the suction tube.

4: Hose, check for leaks before disassembling and replace old or damaged hoses.
Leakage or damaged connections should be replaced.

5: Conduits that need to be inspected for leaks, bends, breaks or abrasion prior to disassembly
should be notified to the storage forklift repair company for replacement.
Leakage and damaged connections should be replaced.