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Forklift Battery Maintenance Tips

Date: 2023-05-31 View:

 Some Tips To Maintenance Forklift Battery In Summer

Doing a good job of battery maintenance will nit only improve battery life,
but also save costs and avoid wasting time frequent battery replacements.
In the face of high temperature climate, the maintenance of forklift batteries is particularly important,
because they will also face the trouble of "water".
During charging, discharging and storage,the forklift battery evaporates a portion of the water
due to use environment and the high internal temperature.
The battery life of a forklift truck that has been in a water shortage for a long time
can be affected if the battery is not replenished in a timely manner.

Regular battery "watter" as an essential step of maintenance.
During the process of using the battery,
you will need to check the battery for water shortage on a regular basis
depending on the environment and temperature in which you are using it.
It is recommended to check once a month to replenish the battery water in a timely manner.

1:Judge the battery level

To juidge the battery level of the injection cap,
currently on the market is mainly divided into three types of liquid injection cap:
ordinary flower basket type liquid injection cap,
buoy type liquid injection capand automatic water filling system liquid injection cap,
different liquid injection cap water filling methodsand liquid level standards are different,
forklift battery normal liquid level range is as follows:

When the battery level drops below the minimum,
the battery needs to be replenished between the highest and lowest levels.
When replenishing the "water" of the forklift battery,
you need to pay attention to the following matters:

2:Attention to the following matters

Use dedicated battery distilled water and say no to substandard distilled water!
Formal channel purchases are guaranteed.

►In adding water, adhere to the principle of small quantities and many uses,
and strictly refrain from adding too much.
Battery water is weakly corrosive,
and spillage cam corrode the performance of battery boxes.

►Add water at the end of charge(usually one hour before the end of charge).
It is not recommended to add water durng battery use.

►The injector should not be forgotten. After adding water,
cover the injection plug to avoid impurities entering the cell and short-circuiting the plate,
shortening the battery life.