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Importance Of Installing a Forklift Collision Avoidance Alert System

Date: 2023-06-02 View:

 Forklift Collision Avoidance Alert System

Personnel wear anti-collision tags, forklifts install forklift anti-collision system host (base station),
the use of UWB technology to achieve accurate 360° ranging,
if the distance between forklifts and pedestrians,
forklifts and forklifts is lower than the set safety warning threshold,
it will trigger the forklift mounted alarm light alarm, effectively predicted
collision prevention accidents.

1: Single ranging VS speed management

Many forklift anti-collision alarm systems only have the ability
to judge the level of danger based on the distance between the person and the vehicle,
and to sound and light alarms at different levels.
A qualified forklift collision avoidance warning system also needs to take into account speed management.
Because the whole device emits an audible and visual alarm,
the employee may not notice it because he is too focused on his work,
or the forklift driver has become "immune" to the alarm, numb, and adjusts in time, the collision may still occur.

2: Supports customized demanded

Different application scenarios have different security management requirements and functional requirements.
For example, large special engineering vehicles, often work outdoors,
when the weather is particularly hot, the cab because of the air conditioning, that closed the window door,
the cab is relatively closed, may not be able to hear the whole light signal,
for this can be installed in the cab another warning light.
The warning lights required in a closed environment must be tailored to the environment.

For example, the panel of the main engine of the forklift collision avoidance system installed on the forklift can display Bejing time,
vehicle speed and kilometers, which seems to be a very small and simple function,
but i tis also very user-friendly for forklift drivers who cannot use mobile phones at work.
Personalized customization needs reflect the strength and service philosophy of a company.

3: Digital Management

The forklift anti-dust alarm system fulfills the site anti-collision requirements,
but if  you want to go further and do full safety analysis,
you need to access safety's forklift cloud butler platfrom.
At present, the forklift cloud butler platform has been upgraded to the third version,
which can realize card swiping, fingerprint, face recognition for authority management,
if the driver does not slow down after speeding at the work site, anti-collision alarm,
does not wear seat belts and other violations will be recorded, data collection and analysis summary,
conducive to efficient management by administrators,
but also for the improvement of plant safety to provide more and more accurate direction.