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The dangers of forklift speeding

Date: 2023-06-26 View:

 The hazard of forklift speeding

Forklift is a commonly used handling tool in many enterprises,
easy to use, but driving a forklift is not a simple thing.
If the operation is violated, it is easy to have safety accidents.
Forklifts are an important cause of accidents,
accounting for the largest proportion, even exceeding 50%.

1:When the forklift is speeding, the driver cannot fully and correctly
perceive the changes inside and outside the vehicle, and cannot obtain sufficient
road information and observe the changes in the surrounding environent.

2: When the forklift is speeding, the fixation point  will move forward,
the field of view will be narrow, the clarity will be poor,
it will be difficult to recognize some small and slow-changinfg things,
and it will be caught off guard when it is close to detection.

3: In the factory area, when the forklift is speeding,
the driver's ability to judge the speed is reduced,
it is easy to ignore the direction of the pedestrian,
and once ther is an accident,
before there is time to react, the accident has already occurred.

4: Forklift speeding, to the attention shift brings difficulties,
in the sharp turn, the driver pay high attention
to the rapid change of road conditions ahead,
but also to take into account the operation braking,
clutch, steering, acceleration, etc. in the car,
it is difficult to take into account in a short time,
so when turning, it is easy to cause the forklift to overturn.

5: When speeding, the stability of vehicle operation deteriorates,
especially outside the curve of the factory area,
due to the action of centrifugal force,
it is easy to make the vehicle slide
or tilt to the outside of the swing center, some drivers,
not accustomed to wearing seat belts,
in this case, will often be thrown out of the car,
or be crushed by the overturned forklift.

6: The braking distance of the forklift over speeding becomes longer,
and with the increase of the speed,
the braking performance of the vehicle decreases,
the friction coefficient decreases, the braking distance is extended,
and the vehicle cannot be stopped in time when it needs to be stopped.