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Explosion-proof Electric Forklift Travel Motor Problem

Date: 2023-06-21 View:

 Focus On The Engine Of Explosion-proof Electric Forklift

During the use of explosion-proof electric forklifts,
special attention should be paid to the operation of the travel motor.
In the following cases,
it should be eliminated in time according to the cause of the fault:
the explosion-proof electric forklift cannot be started.
It may be caused by the blow of the fuse,
the control line is not through,
the motor winding has a serious short circuit or open circuit,
the short circuit between the communication pieces, the poor contact of the brushes,
the excessive load or mechanical damage such as bearings.

1: The explosion-proof electric forklift has an incorrect speed

It may often be caused  by short circuit or open circuit of winding ,
improper brush position and overload, bearing damage, and low power supply voltage.

2: The electric forklift brushes spark

 It may be caused by poor brush contact, uneven commutator surfaces,
improper brush position, unclean surface,
short circuit of commutator piece or short circuit of motor winding.

3: Explosion-proof electric forklifts generate high temperatures

It may be caused by overload,
bearing and oil seal too tight, damage or poor lubrication,
shaft irregularity, armature and pole phase friction, winding short circuit,
excessive brush pressure, improper position, poor rectification and other reasons.

4: Explosion-proof electric forklifts have noise

Mainly due to bearing damage,
uneven surface of commutator, brush vibration or friction.