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Introduction And Selection Of Engine Brands

Date: 2023-07-19 View:

 Provide A Variety Of Brand Engines For Customers To Choose

When we buy a forklift, the first thing we consider is the choice of engine,
different brands of engines have different advantages and disadvantages.
Here are several types of engines for you to choose from.

1:XINCHAI Engine

Advantages of the new diesel engine: the new diesel power is relatively large,
and the exhaust gas is slightly larger during use.
But there is an advantage in fuel consumption.
The new diesel engine uses wet cylinder liners.
New diesel engine maintenance oil:
new diesel engines should be maintained with lubricating oil of the appropriate quality grade.

2: NISSAN Engine

Advantages of the NISSAN engine:
the design uses chain drive camshaft, which is stable and reliable.
Fuel-saving technology for maximum fuel economy.
Custom aluminum intake and cast iron exhaust manifolds
for optimized performance and industrial applications.

3:ISUZU Engine

Advantages of the ISUZU engine:
The use of advanced VGS variable geometry turbocharging technology,
so that the engine can burst out the maximum torque of 320Nm at 1800 rpm,
achieving low turn and high torque, stronger power, climbing hills, pulling heavy objects.

4:YANMAR Engine

Advantages of the YANMAR engine:
The new oil pump allows the crankshaft to rotate directly and reduce noise.
Taper throttling fuel injectors reduce emissions.
The governor is integrated with the fuel injection pump to improve speed control performance.

5:CUMMINS Engine

Advantages of CUMMINS Engine:turbochargers are key components
that provide superior power and responsiveness to reduce cycle times.
Using less fuel, total fluid efficiency, including fuel and diesel exhaust fluids, increased by 3%.
High sulfur tolerance allows original equipment manufacturers
to install the QSB4.5 CUMMINS Series in equipment operating in areas
with limited fuel quality capabilities.