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The Role of Forklift Crankshaft Flywheel Set

Date: 2023-07-05 View:

 How to Use Forklift Crankshaft Flywheel Set

1:The function of the forklift crankshaft is to
change the gas pressure transmited by the poston connecting rod group
of the forklift to change the torque rotating around its own axis,
output power to the outside world,
and drive the gas distribution mechanism and auxiliary devices.
The crankshaft is subjected to changing gas pressure,
intertial force and torque in operation,
so the forklift crankshaft must have sufficient hardness and strength.

2:The main journal of the forklift crankshaft
is the support part of the crankshaft and the axis of rotation,
which is installed in the main bearing housing bore of the cylinder block,
and the main bearing pad (tile bearing) is installed in between.
Some engine types have a rolling bearing on the spindle,
and the connecting rod journal and connecting rod are large.

3:The head is matched,
the crank is used to connect the main journal and the connecting rod journal,
and the balance counterweight is used to balance the centrifugal force
and centrifugal moment generated during the operation
of the engine to make the engine run smoothly.
The crankshaft is made with oil passages
that run through the main journal,
crank and connecting rod journal to lubricate the crankshaft shaft
crankshaft bearings and connecting rod bearings with a certain pressure.

4:The front axle refers to the part before the first hand shaft collar,
which is usually equipped with starting wind,
fan pulley, time gear, oil baffle plate, etc.
Some are also equipped with torsional shock absorbers.
The rear end shaft is the part after the last main journal,
and there are flanges for installing flywheels, oil threads and oil throwing rings.

5:The function of the forklift flywheel is to store part
of the rotational energy of the crankshaft stroke to
drive the shaft shank linkage mechanism over the top dead center
and overcome the resistance of the other three auxiliary strokes,
while transmitting the power of the engine to the clutch.

6: In order to make the flywheel have a large moment of inertia and a minimum mass,
the mass of the flywheel is mostly concentrated on the wheel flange.
Generally, a ring gear is installed on the outer edge of the flywheel to engage
with the starter gear in order to start the forklift engine.