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Some Knowledge About Forklift Gearbox

Date: 2023-06-01 View:

 Forklift gearbox maintenance method

First the forklift engine was lifted out by a crane,
then the changer was removed, and then the entire forklift gearbox.
Before disassembling, you will need to drain the forklift's transmission oil,
then start removing the wavebox upper cover, remove the forklift's fuel supply pump, and check for any damage.
The front and rear clutch assemblies are then removed to check for damage and wear,etc.
And replaced with new parts .
Finally, it is inspected and cleaned before the gearbox is fitted in sequence and then mounted on a forklift.
For specific fault repair methods:

1: The faulty part of the transformer
(1) The forklift engine speed decreases, and the treatment method is to increase the engine speed.

(2) There are bubbles in the oil, directly check the tightness
of the pipeline and whether the oil deteriorates at night on the forklift.

(3) The oil temperature rise is too high or too low.

2: Gearbox section
(1) The friction plate is stuck or worn, check whether the forklift friction plate has glue, uneven contact.

(2) Forklift seal rings O-rings are worn, check the seal ring and groove width for wear.

(3) Clutch obstacle,check if the friction plates are slipping.

(4) The bearing is damaged, check the counterface for damage.

3: The oil temperature is too high

(1) If the transformer works in the low-speed ratio area for a long time,
the efficiency of the transformer is very low, or it is in the stall state for too long,
this working state should be changed and the appeal of the working situation should be avoided.

(2) At high rpm ratios, the one-way clutch is stuck, out of control, and should be checked for exclusion.

(3) If the amount of oil is too small, or bubbles are generated in the system,
the amout of oil shoud be increased and the pressure of the discharge valve should be adjusted.

(4) If the quality of the oil is unqualified, it should be replaced with new oil.

4: The gearbox does not work
(1) Check the control valve for spring tabs stuck and broken.

(2) Check whether the main oil pressure is normal, if it is not normal,
check whether the triple pump is worn too much or damaged.

(3) If the main oil pressure is normal,check the clutch oil pressure,
if it is not normal, check whether the sealing ring or O-ring is worn or damaged.
Check the clutch and clutch piston rings for damage.

(4) Check whether the oil pressure of the changer is normal,
if it is not normal, check the transformer.