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Common problems and solutions of forklifts (2)

Date: 2023-06-28 View:

 Problems Encountered In Forklift Operation And Solutions (2)

Forklifts will inevitably have some problems and methods in the daily operation process,
and the following is a list of several common problems and solutions of forklifts.

6: The gearbox gear cannot be disengaged

The friction plate burns and needs to be replaced;
the return spring is damaged and needs to be replaced;
the blockage of the oil return circuit requires the removal of foreign matter;
the micro valve brake interlock valve does not return to position,
and the spring needs to be replaced.

7: The gearbox is noisy

Gear or bearing wear needs to be replaced;
Insufficient bearing preload and need to be readjusted.

8: The gearbox overheats

If the oil level is too high or too low,
the oil level needs to be adjusted according to the regulations;
the friction plate is burned, replace the driction plate;
bearing gear damage needs to be replaced.

9:The gearbox or brake valve is stuck and does not operate

Return spring fails, replace turn spring.

10:The gearbox does not engage in gear

The hanging pressure is not enough,
the pressure of the regulator is too low,
adjust the pressure of the regulator to the specified value;
the oil pump is not working properly,
the seal is not good, repair the oil pump to replace the seal;
the pipeline is blocked, the oil filter core is blocked,
clean and remove dirt or replace the filter element:
the oil level is too low, the amount of oil is insufficient,
and sufficient oil needs to be added; the clutch seal is damaged and leaked,
replace the seal; the stem of the control valve is not in place,
adjust to the correct position.