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The Importance Of Forklift Attachments

Date: 2023-07-28 View:

 The Importance Of External Devices In Forklifts

The built-in and external equipment of the forklift
itself also affects the safety of the forklift in the use of factory traffic.
The importance of these components must
not be underestimated. If damaged or malfunctioning,
they need to be replaced in time.
Because even if a small warning light is damaged,
it may cause immeasurable damage actively or passively.

The built-in and external devices of forklifts
can be simply divided into four categories: power device,
transmission device, working device and steering device,
of which power device includes: such as internal combustion engine and battery,
electric motor, etc.; transmission device: divided into mechanical,
hydraulic and hydraulic Transmission device;
below we will briefly list some common external devices.

1.Headlights - Just like cars, forklifts need headlights to navigate
in dimly lit areas and warn of oncoming traffic.
Some forklifts have low beam and high beam settings.

2. Horn - From hidden corners to sudden emergencies,
the forklift's horn is the primary audio advance warning on standard lifts.

3. Warning Lights - Used in conjunction with horns and other audio indicators,
warning lights provide greater visibility for forklifts
in many different work environments, both interior and exterior.

4. Cab Cover - Protecting the driver is important,
especially on construction sites and similar workplaces.
Every standard forklift provides its own type of cab cover,
although many pallet jacks and some order pickers do not have a cover mechanism.

5:Fork Tilt Waening Light-A dedicated warning light
alerts drives when their forks are not aligned,
which helps prevent product and cargo spills,
pallet damage and more.
This safety device is installed in the operator control room.
The forklift is already one of the most important parts on the forklift,
the tilt warning light. Added safety to these critical forklift components.

6: Laser Vision Aids-Guided laser equipment installed and activated on the  lift
mechanism of the forklift allows for more accurate loading and unloading.
Plus, they help prevent damage to trays and shelves.

7: Anti-static device-static electricity will damage
the circuit board and other electronic equipment of the forklift,
and bring unpleasant accidents to the operator of the forklift.
Static dissipative devices, such as antistatic grounding straps,
transfer static electricity to the ground.
Grounding straps are especially important for forklifts
that do not have run-flat tires and do not have anti-static properties.