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Precautions for forklift use

Date: 2023-08-09 View:

Six dangerous behaviors to avoid when using forklifts

Forklift is a common industrial machinery
that can effectively improve the efficiency of logistics operations.
However, since forklift operation requires certain skills and experience,
there are many dangers if safety specifications are not followed.

1:Overweight transport

Forklifts are designed with certain load limits,
and it is very dangerous to use forklifts beyond the load limits.
Overweight forklifts can easily tip over or overturn, causing serious injury or property damage.
Therefore, when using forklifts, it is important to observe the load limit and do not overload.

2: Driving at excessive speed

Forklifts, although not as fast as cars, should not travel at high speeds either.
Excessive speed can easily lead to longer braking distances and inability to stop in time.
Moreover, driving at high speeds increases the risk of forklifts rolling over.
Therefore, when using forklifts, be sure to drive at the specified speed
and do not exceed the speed limit.

3: Ignore the pavement condition

During the driving process, the forklift will pass through different road surfaces,
such as potholes, slopes, slippery roads, etc. If you ignore the road surface conditions,
you will increase the risk of rollover. Therefore, it is important to pay attention
to the condition of the road surface when using forklifts, especially on slippery roads.

4:Walk around

Forklifts are mainly used for the transportation of goods in factories,
and on the roads in factories, there may be pedestrians, vehicles, etc.,
which will lead to traffic accidents if you do not pay attention to avoidance.
Therefore, when using forklifts, be sure to follow traffic rules
and pay attention to avoid other pedestrians or vehicles.

5: Not paying attention to the field of view

Forklift operators can usually only see the front and part of the side,
and the rear view is very limited. If you don't pay attention to the field of vision,
it can cause you to roll over or collide with other objects. Therefore, when using forklifts,
you must pay attention to the surrounding environment to ensure a clear view.

6: Incorrect operation

Forklift operation requires skill and experience,
and if not done correctly, it can lead to forklift rollovers, collisions or other accidents.
Therefore, when using forklifts, you must receive professional training
and master forklift operation skills.