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Points To Note For Daily Maintenance Of Manual Trucks

Date: 2023-06-29 View:

 Manual Handling Of Daily Maintenance Of Vehicles

Manual trucks are undoubtedly the most common handling tools in modern logistics,
and can be found in factories large and small.
It is also widely used in various industries such as postal services,
airports, warehouses, workshops, supermarkets,logistics,etc.
However, all varieties of manual transfer vehicles face such a problem,
the after-sales service of manual transfer vehicles and maintenance problems.
Let's take a look at the most problematic parts of mannual trucks and how to solve them.

1:Oil pump

The oil pump is a key part of all trucks,
once there is a problem with the oil pump,
that is to say, the truck stops working,
even if the other parts are good and there is no damage,
it is impossible to work again. The oil pump is composed of a lot of parts,
among which the most prone to problems are dust ring,
O-shaped sealing coil, steel ball and other accessories,
once found that these accessories have problems or wear during use,
the fastest solution is to replace these accessories.

2:Oil Cylinder

The cylinde plays a vital role in the whole process of lifting and lowering the truck,
and it is also through it to realize the rise and fall of goods.
Therefore, if the fork frame cannot be lowered, or cannot rise, the reasons:
first, the piston rod and cylinder may be damaged
due to overload or eccentricity of the cargo when loading;
second, the piston rod is exposed for a long time and rusts,
which hinders the smooth movement of the piston;
third, adjust the nut and hex do not in the correct position:
at this time, according to judgment, replace the piston rod or cylinder,
lower the car to the lowest when not using the truck, and readjust the nut.

3: Oil seals

The oil seal is the key component between the piston rod
and the cylinder barel of sealing cylinder,
and it is generally equipped with imported sealing rings.
Mainly good sealing, wear-resistant and long service life.
And 70% of the oil leakage is found, check it in time,
such as the aging and damage of the sealing ring,
choose high-quality sealing ring replacement.

4: Truck tries

Handling wheels is a kind of wear and tear,
long-term use of handling goods will definitely wear out,
there are many kinds of wheels for trucks.
Such as: nylon wheels, PU, polyurethane package nylon,
rubber wheels, bake lite and so on.
Most trucks are equipped with nylon wheels
because the market is common and cheap,
but the wear is poor and the walking noise is also high.
Handling wheels wear to a certain extent,
please replace them in time, expensive, cheap, customer choice.

5:Lever holder

The lever frame is the key component
connecting the oil pump and the pusher,
the lifting support of the hydraulic cylinder,
the handling and carrying of goods are supported
by the lever frame to achieve a balance.
Because when handling the goods,
there may be load, eccentricity and other phenomena
often lead to the deformation or fracture of the lever frame.
Once this and phenomenon occur, the truck can not work normally,
so contact the manufacturer or purchase a replacement lever holder in the market.