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FLIFT brand 4 wheel steering all rough terrain forklift truck

Date: 2020-04-04 View:

FLIFT brand 4ton all rough terrain forklift truck  with 4 wheel steering

We have just launched our newest FLIFT brand 4wd rough terrain forklift which  equipped the high- technology 4 wheel steering.
The four wheel steered rough terrain vehicle with a chassis that can change shape. This is our patent production which had been researching for more than two years by our tech-team.

Four Wheel Steering (4WS,4 Wheel Steering) in addition to the traditional front Wheel for the Steering Wheel, the latter two are also Steering Wheel, namely four Wheel Steering.Developed in the mid-1980s, the main objectives were to improve the operational stability of vehicles at high speeds or in the face of lateral winds, to improve the ease of handling at low speeds, and to reduce the turning radius in parking lots.There are two main ways of four-wheel steering: when the rear wheel steering and the front wheel steering direction is the same, it is called the same direction;When the steering direction of the rear wheel is opposite to that of the front wheel, it is called reverse bit steering.

First, reduce the turning radius when the vehicle turns at low speed.At low speeds, the reverse steering of the front and rear wheels can reduce the turning radius by up to 20%.Four-wheel steering technology enables large vehicles to have the same handling and parking agility as a small car squad.
Secondly, the stability of high-speed driving is improved obviously.When steering at high speed, the four-wheel steering system can effectively reduce/eliminate the occurrence probability of sideswipe accidents through the in-phase steering between the rear wheel and the front wheel, significantly improve the stability and safety of the vehicle at high speed, and thus relieve the fatigue degree of the driver driving at high speed under various road conditions (especially in the weather).
Third, improved vehicle trailer capacity.By steering the rear axle to the trailer, the four-wheel steering system greatly improves the vehicle trailer's maneuverability, stability and safety.