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Advantages of 1-3.5ton lithium battery forklift

Date: 2020-03-22 View:

1-3.5ton clod storage use Lithium battery  electric forklift  

Driving Sysytem (3.5ton electric forklift)

The use of Italian SME imported 10kw dual(MT650B) drive unit, can maximize the improvement of the lithium forklift 's climbing and driving performance,high torque, more powerful power. The new maintenance-free AC motor is adopted, the transmission efficiency is high , the maitenance and manitenance cost is low. Italian PMP imported PMS701 transmission.The use of planetary gear transmission design, compact struture, quality assurance, transmission efficiency is higher. The transmission's unique wet disc brake sysyem, half of its friction plate immersed in gear oil, with large braking torque, long service life, strong anti-recession ability, maintenance -free and other excellent characteristics.

Lithium battery installation

Lithium batteries due to energy density and their own structure and other chatecteristics, compared to lead -acid batteries will be much lighter, the need for an addtional secondary counterweight to supplement the lead-acid battery switched to lithium battery after missing weight.
The secondary counterweight and lithium battery bracket set-up tube form a fork groove, can facilitate the forklift to fork out the battery , can also use a lifting device, through the U-shaped notch on the  top rack to lift the battery out.

The use of imported USA Curtis and Italy ZAPI brand controller