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Is LPG used in forklift?

Date: 2024-06-03 View:

 Is LPG used in forklift?

LPG can used in forklift.

LPG refers to liquefied petroleum gas,
which is a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons such as
propane and butane that are liquefied under pressure.

The advantages of liquefied gas in forklift use mainly include high efficiency,
low pollution, strong adaptability, safety and reliability,
and long sustainable working time.

1. High efficiency

Liquefied gas is a high-energy fuel that can provide
sufficient energy to make the forklift powerful.

Compared with electric forklifts,
liquefied gas forklifts are more efficient
when carrying heavy objects and in outdoor environments.


2. Low pollution

Compared with traditional fuels such as diesel and gasoline,
the exhaust gas produced when liquefied gas is burned is cleaner,
does not produce black smoke and harmful gases,
and has less environmental pollution.


3. Strong adaptability

Liquefied gas has a certain temperature range
and is not affected by external environments
such as temperature and high altitude.

Even in harsh weather conditions,
the normal operation of the forklift can be guaranteed.


4. Safety and reliability

Liquefied gas has high storage capacity
and stability and is easy to transport.

During the use of the forklift, if an abnormality occurs,
the operator can ensure safety by simple measures such as closing the gas valve.


5. Sustainable working time:
Changing the liquefied gas cylinder can continue to work.

FLIFT has dual fuel types to choose from,
that is, LPG and gasoline power.

Even if one power is used up,
you can still work with another power,
ensuring working time and efficiency.

FLIFT 3.5 ton LPG propane forklift