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How fast can a diesel forklift go?

Date: 2024-05-27 View:

 How fast can a diesel forklift go?

The speed of a diesel forklift is mainly determined by the performance of the engine.
The torque and power of the engine will affect the speed of the forklift.
An engine with high torque is not only faster,
but also the forklift will have a stronger load-bearing capacity.

In addition to the standard engine,
our FLIFT diesel forklifts also have other brands and engines
with different emission standards to choose from.

CUMMINS QSF 3.8 engine (EPA T4F)

Japanese ISUZU engine

There are also factors that affect the speed of the forklift,
except the torque and power of the forklift engine.

1. Ground conditions:

When a forklift is working,
the ground conditions are an important factor affecting its speed.
On flat, moderately hard ground, the forklift's speed will be faster,
while on rough, soft ground, the forklift's speed will be limited.

2. Work load:

If the forklift has to lift heavy objects,
its speed will slow down.
Because forklifts consume more energy when lifting goods,
and at the same time increase the weight of the vehicle body.

3. Driver skill:

The speed of the forklift is also related to the driver's skill.
If the driver is skilled,
the work efficiency will be higher and the speed will be faster.


►In addition, too fast a speed may not necessarily be the most suitable.
Excessive speed may cause the risk of cargo collision.
So when choosing an engine,
choose it based on the cargo you are transporting and the working condition.


FLIFT 2.5 ton diesel forklift with CUMMINS engine