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2 ton 3 wheel drive electric forklift with 3M lifting height

Date: 2024-01-29 View:

 2 ton 3 wheel drive electric forklift with 3M lifting height


Features of 2 ton 3 wheel drive electric forklift

Efficient Driving System

Advanced dual motor driving system, compact structure, better driving and
climbing performance, larger torque, more powerful output.

New maintenance-free AC motor with high transmission efficiency and low maintenance and maintenance costs:
Imported German ZF axle box integrated high-performance drive system;

"Maintenance-free wet disc-to-brake system.


Flexible Steering System

Adopting dynamic load sensing priority steering system, more quickly steering,
smaller turning radius, more flexible driving performance.

Battery Side-take Function

The turning angle of the rear wheel can reach 90°,
which can realize 180° steering of the forklift on the spot,
and the maneuverability is super strong.


Comfortable Operating Space

Ergonomic full-scale operation space layout which give the operator a good,
comfortable and convenient operating experience.

Sinking design of tilting cylinder  
Fully surround instrument panel cover
Wide vision gantry design  
Secondary boarding pedals
Right hydraulic joystick, safety power-off switch and storage box
Inclination adjustable small diameter steering wheel
Front and rear adjustable wrap-around seat (adjustable range up to 150mm).

High Quality Electrical Components

Original imported word famous brand controller After professional adjustment,
walking and upgrade control precision and
efficiency it has excellent performance,regenerative braking.
ramp braking, fault self-diagnosis and other functions.