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Do forklifts use lithium batteries?

Date: 2024-06-05 View:

Do forklifts use lithium batteries?

Lithium battery can be used on forklift.
The earliest electric forklifts used lead-acid batteries,
but with the emergence and development of lithium batteries,
lithium batteries have gradually been used in battery forklifts
and are becoming more and more popular.

What is the load capacity of lithium battery forklift?

At present, FLIFT's largest lithium battery forklift is 30 tons.
This lithium battery forklift is a brand new design
with high-quality configuration and excellent performance.



High-pressure liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor,
dual oil pump motor design, higher power,
more power, greatly improved handling efficiency.

CATL original 618V large-capacity battery pack,
1C fast charging, long-lasting battery life.

The three-electric protection level is as high as IP67,
no fear of heavy rain and high dust.
It can be used worry-free between -30°C~60°C,
high temperature and low cold, and stable performance.


360-degree panoramic glass cab,
no blind spots in vision.

High-definition large-screen LCD instrument,
high-end suspension seat, air conditioning and heating are all available.

Integrated electric control handle,
easily realize 8 kinds of fork movements and mast control.

FLIFT 25-30 TON Lithium Battery Forklift