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What are the functions of electric tractor?

Date: 2024-05-13 View:

 What are the functions of electric tractor?

Electric tractors, powered by electricity, tow cargo or trailers,
exhibit unique characteristics and advantages.
With the improvement of environmental awareness and
the reduction of energy consumption,
electric tractors have attracted more and more attention and favor.
Electric tractors have a wide range of uses and are used in various working conditions.
Here we will introduce to you the uses of electric tractors.

Cargo transportation:

Electric tractors play an important role in cargo transportation,
such as container transportation in ports, terminals, and airports,
and material transportation in mines and factories.
With strong traction and stable control system,
transportation efficiency is improved and transportation costs are reduced.


Towing operations:

In towing operations such as airport shuttles and rescue vehicles,
electric tractors are an ideal choice due to their high maneuverability and flexibility.
It can reach the destination quickly in a short time
and has certain carrying capacity and traction.


Special occasions:

For special occasions such as dangerous goods transportation
and military transportation, safety is the primary consideration.
Mobile tractors improve the safety and reliability of transportation
due to their zero emissions and low noise.
In addition, electric tractors can also meet the needs of hospitals,
schools and other places where silence is required.


FLIFT offers electric tractors of different types and tonnage.

FLIFT provides non-standard customization services.