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What are the duties of a pallet stacker?

Date: 2024-05-10 View:

 What are the duties of a pallet stacker?

Cargo handling function

The main function of electric pallet trucks is to carry goods,
capable of carrying large amounts of goods and turning flexibly in enclosed spaces.
Some electric pallet trucks with special functions
can also transport goods in special environments such as cliffs and narrow passages,
greatly improving the efficiency of logistics work.

In addition, trucks are generally equipped with cargo forks,
which can meet some conventional cargo handling needs.
But some special types of goods are transported, such as paper rolls and soft bags,
The fork cannot meet the handling needs.

FLIFT provides customized attachment services to meet your needs
for handling different types of goods.

FLIFT electric pallet stacker with refrigerator clip

FLIFT pallet stacker with paper roll clip


Lifitng and stacking function

Electric pallet trucks can adjust the height according to different needs
and lift goods to designated locations.
Electric pallet trucks also have stacking capabilities.
When storing goods in a warehouse or logistics center,
in order to save storage space, it is often necessary to stack the goods.

Electric pallet trucks can safely and orderly stack goods on shelves while ensuring load-bearing,
which greatly improves the utilization efficiency of storage space.

FLIFT can customize the lifting height to improve the utilization of your warehouse space.

2m lifitng height

4m lifting height