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High voltage lithium electric battery forklift liquor industry suitable easy maintenance factory price

Date: 2024-03-18 View:

High voltage lithium electric battery forklift liquor
industry suitable easy maintenance factory price

Advantages of 3 ton
high voltage lithium battery electric forklift

Advanced equipment

The high-voltage lithium battery forklift is equipped with CATL lithium
iron phosphate batteries and adopts an electric system, which requires
no maintenance, reducing the energy and cost of daily maintenance,
saving money and time.

Fast Charging

►High-voltage lithium battery forklifts charge quickly and
play a very important role during peak production periods.

►It can be charged at 1C in 30 minutes and can last for
8 hours under full power conditions.
►It can be fully charged between breaks,
greatly improving handling efficiency.

Smooth ride

Fuel forklift truck have large vibrations, which can easily cause
damage to goods during transportation, especially glass products
such as beer bottles. High-voltage lithium battery forklifts
drive smoothly and operate accurately, effectively reducing cargo damage.

Long working time

►In terms of battery life, the high-voltage lithium battery forklift has
almost no impact on the battery life in summer.
►It comes standard with an electronically controlled water cooling
system for the motor and a self-developed battery thermal
    management system that can still operate freely from -30°C to 60°C.

Wide view mast

About driving experience, it is easy to operate, quiet and comfortable,
has a lightweight control system and an ultra-wide field of view.