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What does a side loader do?

Date: 2024-06-27 View:

 What does a side loader do?

Side loader forklift is a type of forklift with 
the forks located on the side of the vehicle,
which changes the direction of the goods being moved.

The main feature is that it can operate in very narrow spaces
and can store goods in high racks.
The following are the applicable scenarios for side loader forklift.


1. warehouses

Side forklifts are widely used in various warehouses,
especially small warehouses.

Its side structure and diagonal carrying method enable it
to carry goods in narrow warehouse aisles,
thus saving space and increasing warehouse capacity.


2. supermarkets

When supermarkets carry out inventory in and out,
using side forklifts can be very convenient to carry goods.

Forklifts can intuitively carry goods, shelves and goods in
small doors and corners and place them in the corresponding positions.


3. manufacturing plants

(The picture is FLIFT 20 ton diesel side loader forklift)

In themanufacturing industry,
side forklifts can be used to improve the efficiency of equipment,
help producers automate logistics distribution,
and transfer raw materials and finished products to designated production lines.


4. container sites

Side forklifts are mainly used in container sites, docks and other places.
They can quickly and conveniently load and unload containers
and then place them in the corresponding storage areas.

At the same time, side forklifts can also transfer goods
through the welded steel rods or partitions of the container.

5. logistics and express delivery

When the courier of the logistics company delivers the package,
the side forklift can easily move the package to or from the truck.

The forklift can quickly place the package in the corresponding position,
greatly improving the delivery efficiency of the logistics company.

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