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FLIFT 15-16 Ton Diesel Forklift On Sale

Date: 2023-05-30 View:

 Supply 15-16 Ton Diesel Forklift With Cheap Price

Product Parameter

 Model  FD150  FD160
 Power Type  Diesel  Diesel
 Rated Capacity  15000 kg  16000 kg
 Load Centre  600 mm  600 mm
 Lift Height  3000 mm  3000 mm
 Fork Size  1820*200*90 mm  1820*200*90 mm
 Mast Tilt Angle  6°/12°  6°/12°
 Front Overhang  900 mm  900 mm
 Ground Clearance  255 mm  255 mm
 Length to face of fork  4960 mm  4960 mm
 Overall Width  2490 mm  2490 mm
 Mast Lowered Height  3170 mm  3170 mm
 Mast Extended Height  4670 mm  4670 mm
 Overhead Guard Height  2930 mm  2930 mm
Turning Radius  4500 mm  4500 mm
 Min. insecting aisle  6800 mm  6800 mm
 Travel(Empty load)  23 km/h  23 km/h
 Lifting(Full load)  380 mm/s  380 mm/s
 Max. Gradeability  20%  20%
 Front Tire  12.00-24-20PR  12.00-24-20PR
 Rear Tire  12.00-20-18PR  12.00-20-18PR
 Wheel Base  3250 mm  3250 mm
 Service Weight  18500 kg  20500 kg
 Voltage/Capacity  24V/120Ah  24V/120Ah
 Engine Model  YC6A 180Z-T21(A7AGC)  YC6A 180Z-T21(A7AGC)
 Engine Rated output/r.p.m.  130/2300 kw  130/2300 kw
 Engine rated torque/r.p.m.  670/1400-1700 N·m  670/1400-1700 N·M
 Engine No.of Cylinder  6  6
 Bore*Stroke  108*132 mm  108*132 mm
 Engine Displacenment  7255 cc  7255 cc
 Engine Fuel Tank Capacity  300/350 L  300/350 L
 Transmission Type  Hydraulic  Hydraulic
 Transmission Stage  2/1  2/1
 Operating Pressure for Attachment  15 Mpa  15 Mpa
 Engine Manufacture  YUCHAI  YUCHAI


Product Features

1: Wide view mast
Wide-view mast gives the operator and enhanced forward visibility,
which adds great to the efficiency and safety of operator.

2: Powerful engine
The powerful engine ensures our trucks high handling performance
and offers an intrinsical safety and efficient operation.

3: Solid overhead guard
Specially designed solid overhead guard provides
additional security for the operator.

4: Reliable instruments
The instruments offer an easy access to the working condition of the truck,
thus makes handling process more efficient  and safe.

Product Details