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3.5T diesel forklift with chinese xinchang engine

Date: 2019-10-18 View:

3.5T FLIFT brand diesel forklfit ready to delivery uzbekistan

3.5t and 3t diesel forklift with chinese xinchang engine with wide -view 3 stage 4.5m full- free mast, totoya seat ,  fork length 1.22m ,aotomatic transmission. Ready to delivery uzbekistan, the customer is our regular customer who had purchased the FD35 diesel forklift with 3 stage 4.5m mast  for three times. Thanks for your support. we will  manufacture more high quality forklifts, especially the diesel forklifts.. Now we can manufacture the 48Tdiesel forklift in china forklift field. 
About the diesel forklift configuration, we can adjust the confuguration as custoner's requirement. we could supply the japanese engine , and usa EPA engine, to meet the needs of different custoners.

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