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what is the forklift counterweight do?

Date: 2024-07-01 View:

 What is the forklift counterweight do?

Forklift counterweight refers to the counterweight configured
at the rear of the forklift to ensure that the fork can lift the corresponding load,

while keeping the rear wheel of the forklift with sufficient adhesion
to the ground to ensure normal driving and steering of the forklift.


There is a close relationship between the counterweight forklift
and the bridge load ratio of counterweight forklift truck,

and the bridge load ratio is one of the important parameters of
the counterweight forklift truck,

and has an extremely important impact on the stability,
traction and power performance of the forklift truck.

Therefore, for counterweight forklifts, counterweight is an essential and important part.


Type of counterweight material:

1. Cast iron counterweight

Cast iron counterweight is one of the most
common counterweight materials behind forklifts.

Its advantages are high density and stable weight,
which can improve the stability and carrying capacity of forklifts.


2. Concrete counterweight

The concrete counterweight is usually made of prefabricated parts
and then mounted on the back of the forklift.

It has the advantage of being cheaper in cost than cast iron counterweight.

However, concrete materials are relatively fragile, fragile,
and have a short service life.



►The rear weight of all FLIFT forklifts is
cast iron to ensure quality and stability.