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What is the advantages of side loader forklfit?

Date: 2024-04-30 View:

What is the advantages of side loader forklfit?

As a special type of forklift, side-loading forklifts have their
own characteristics due to their unique design.
So what are the advantages of these features,
and what benefits do they have for material handling?
This article will tell you the answer.

safe and stable.

The side forklift has a wider wheelbase and a stable center of gravity,
ensuring the safety of operators and cargo even when traveling in narrow passages.
And it will not block the driver's field of vision.


Easy to control.

The control method of the side forklift is relatively simple and easy to learn and use.

 Increase handling efficiency.

The side forklift can move in and out of the shelf multiple times to
achieve multiple transfers and improve work efficiency.


comfortable driving experience

The side forklift driver has a comfortable operating experience.
You can freely adjust the seat and control the position
of the robot arm through the control lever,
which not only reduces physical strain but also enhances operational accuracy.

In addition, the side forklift also has the functions of self-loading, self-transportation
and self-unloading, which is suitable for various types of cargo handling needs.


►FLIFT provides customized attachments to
meet your different cargo handling needs.

►We also provides side loader forklifts with
different power forms and tonnages for you to choose from

The picture shows 6 ton side loader forklift equipped with customized attachment.

The picture shows the FLIFT 20 ton diesel side loader forklift.


FLIFT 10 ton diesel side loader forklift

with CUMMINS engine