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What are the advantages of common rail diesel?

Date: 2024-05-08 View:

 What are the advantages of common rail diesel?

In the previous article, we introduced what high-pressure common rail is
and the working principle of high-pressure common rail injection technology.

So what are the advantages and characteristics of common rail?
This article will tell you.


Independent control of injection timing.

Coupled with high injection pressure (120MPa ~ 200MPa),
the emission of NOx and particulate matter (PM) can be effectively controlled
to meet more stringent emission standards.

High-precision solenoid valve control.

It improves the accuracy of fuel injection control,
reduces the variation of cyclic fuel injection volume,
and improves the uniformity of fuel supply to each cylinder,
thus reducing the vibration and emissions of the diesel engine.


The injection pressure is flexibly adjustable.

The high-pressure common rail system can determine the optimal injection pressure required
according to different working conditions,
thereby optimizing the overall performance of the diesel engine.

Flexible control of fuel injection rate.

It is easy to realize pre-injection and multiple injection,
which helps to reduce NOx emissions
while maintaining excellent power and economy.

The fuel supply system and injection process are separated.

The fuel supply pressure is not affected by the engine speed,
which improves fuel efficiency and system reliability.

►High-pressure common rail electronic injection technology is mainly used in diesel engines,
which not only reduces fuel consumption, enhances power performance,
but also meets more stringent emission standards,
and enables the system to have higher injection pressure and more flexible fuel injection methods.


 FLIFT 3 ton diesel forklift with common rail engine
(standard equipment)